Susan Ardelie


A lifelong Minnesota native, Susan Ardelie spent her childhood dashing through the woods, dreaming that she was an adventurer in wild and exotic lands. Dispirited by the eventual realization that she was born a few hundred years too late for her chosen profession, she pursued the landscape between words and imagination with a pen in one hand and paper in the other. Except while traveling, she's never looked back.

These days Susan writes Georgian-set romances with gothic, fairy-tale, and supernatural influences. When she’s not writing or researching, her pastimes include reading dictionaries, road cycling with her husband, pruning roses, and entertaining her impish boston terrier. She’s also been known to update her blog, Life Takes Lemons, where she explores all things tart and titillating in the 18th century.

Shadow Fire Lady is her debut novel, the first of four books in the Incorporeal Lords series. Book two in the series, Looking Glass Lover, is scheduled for release in 2013.

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