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Susan Murphy was born in Columbus, Ohio and her father was in the Navy and never stayed in one state more than two years. All she remembers of Ohio is the cold, snow, red licorice and white castle hamburgers.

She lived with her mother and grandmother on Fairwood Avenue which is an old Victorian style home with the glass door knobs. Her father was away at the time.

From the time she was three, her mother used to take her to see movies on the Navy base. The first movie she saw was called Straight Jacket, heads rolling down the staircase. From then on, she was hooked on anything horror.

Susan played with her Barbie and Ken dolls as most kids her age would but played Vampires with them.

Over the years, Susan and her parents moved quite often and ended up in Charleston, South Carolina in a small trailer park. Railroad tracks were behind the park and the story goes was that at the end of the tracks was a huge zoo with all kind of creatures.

From there, she moved often ending up in San Pedro, California which was uneventful. Her mom and dad bought their first house in San Diego and that is where she grew up since she was twelve.

Over the years, her interest in horror, science fiction and mythology grew so she sat down one day in 1993 and wrote a series of short stories on these subjects. She took the ideas from her life and the different places she lived as well as from relatives .

Dark Observer was told to her by her sister from a creature she actually witnessed watching her small children sleeping. She took the idea and wrote the story around it.

The Haunted Railroad Tracks was from her time in South Carolina and the tracks behind the trailer park.

The House on Fairwood Avenue is from her time when she was small living at her grandmother’s house in Ohio.

Gargoyle, Thief of Souls was written with her going to a graveyard at midnight and looking at the headstones and crypts.

The Lost Princess of Atlantis was written as she was always fascinated in the lost city.

Eurayle, The Gorgon was written as she was and still is interested in the tale of Medusa and her sisters and wanted to know more about them so she researched them in the library.

The Butcher of Moore Mansion is based in San Diego where she grew up and there is actually a place there where people were killed so she based her story on that.

The poem, Innocence Lost, was written as she was and still is interested in vampire lore.

The poem, Timeless Love is based on a soulmate that she has never met but hopes one day she will.

Susan has written this collection for all you avid readers out there that are interested in not quite normal everyday routine things. These stories are intended to scare the daylights out of the reader and probably give you all nightmares or to just get you thinking that there may be something else out there not quite human. So, have fun, get scared and try to sleep and let her know as you are reading if you can picture each creature, or scenario, in your minds .

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was born in Columbus, Ohio. My father was in the Navy so we moved around a lot. I lived in Charleston, South Carolina for a while in a trailer park that had railroad tracks behind it. The myth was at the end of the tracks, was a giant zoo with huge creatures. That gave me the idea for the story, The Haunted Railroad Tracks. I lived in Florida for a while but don't remember much about that. My sisters were born in different parts. I lived with my grandmother in Columbus, Ohio on Fairwood AVenue. It was a spooky old victorian house with glass door knobs so I decided to write my story, The House on Fairwood AVenue, a vampire story since it was a good location. I lived in San Pedro, California but nothing eventful there until we all finally settled in a new house in San Diego, California. I spent most of my life there.
What are you working on next?
I am currently working on three new stories, The Ghost In My House, Werewolf Mine and The Dragon Rider.
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Domestic Violence: One Woman's Nightmare
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