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  • Under By Duress on Nov. 22, 2012

    There's only one element of this work that I really had trouble getting past, and unfortunately it's early in the book. However for some positives first: this is a writer who really knows how to set up the terrain of a BDSM love story and use it to the fullest. The later scenery really resounds, as does the complicated mixture of hostility, past hurts, present-day fears and, yes, lust between the two main characters. For word-craft, Under By Duress can easily stand proud. However for the purposes of warning other readers who might approach BDSM literature in a similar way to me (pain is an extension of sensuality, bracketed by full consent), I did find the first chapters difficult going. For instance, the main character's ready use of a taser seemed unwarranted in the context of modern-day psychological realism (I might have accepted it more readily in a surreal, whimsical, historical or playful context). Perhaps hardened BDSM readers won't feel this way--I'm not a natural BDSM reader--but my erotic side was somewhat switched off by this part of the read. However once consent has been negotiated there's a sense where the work (and the violence) becomes far more playful, and I was able relax and enjoy the developing relationship between captor and captive. The author is masterful at exploring intimate interactions in extreme settings. The props like pitons, ropes and a rambling bear were cleverly employed; the scenery is terrific and well used. I feel this author has a solid future in interesting, well-developed, multi-themed erotica.