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  • The Chronicles of Gan: The Thorn on Oct. 12, 2010

    The Thorn, was filled with intriguing details that brought the world of Gan to life: the twin suns of Azure and Aqua, with their blue light, the glow stones that gave light to lanterns, and the three moons who cycles governed the calendar. Light is important in a world that looks forward to the coming of the “One Who Would Suffer.” The people of Gan are descended from three brothers into separate tribes. Each tribe has distinct stewardships. The Gideonites were originally the guardians of the people, but now their men served in a vengeful, aggressive army. The Uzzahites are the priests of the people who served in the temples. The third group are the Danielites. They are the governing tribe. When three men, one from each tribe, unite under difficult times, they determine to bring the three tribes together. To do so they face a large ferocious army that has been taught lies for generations. This army has superior weapons and armor. Betrayal, murder, and secret oaths are also the tools of their formidable enemy. Will faith and righteousness (and some skill with swords and arrows) bring the three “brothers” the peace they seek? And are the dreams visions of hope or of warning? The Thorn is a compelling story of loyalty, the healing power of forgiveness, the strength of brotherhood, and the evil that will always try to destroy that.