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I am Claudia Jayson, a loving wife and mother. In my adult life, I tried many diets and lifestyle programs. My final diet ended with the knowledge that diets do not work. During the process, however, I concluded that carbohydrates were the culprit to being or becoming overweight. Now I simply keep my daily allowable carbohydrate count at the maximum for maintaining my ideal weight.

Do I still want to eat junk food? Absolutely I do. Do I still want to eat more than my daily allowance of carbohydrates? Absolutely I do. Am I a low carbohydrate fanatic? Absolutely I am NOT. I set out to find and create a collection of recipes that would satisfy these occasional desires yet would remain within my allowed carb count.

Claudia Jayson is a woman of many talents. She is an avid gardener and grows vegetables to compliment her meals. She is author of a series of spiritual growth books and lives with her husband on an acreage in the northwest USA.

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