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Miguel Angel Fernandez trained as an industrial engineer. He is a dedicated investigator of essential heroic truths preserved in myth, legend and historical accounts of noble men. He writes to reveal a challenging path of freedom and responsibility - a path tested through the fire of the ages, relevant to our modern world, and worthy of the heroes of old

"The Solar Warrior is a breath of fresh air in a world dominating by consumerism and self-indulgence and when honour and integrity are rare qualities. Our modern world is so saturated with reductionism and materialism it is difficult for many to even consider another way. Solar Warrior is a powerful expression of the warrior ethos, and at the same time Fernandez is able to express this gnosis in such a way that it is more easily approached and digested (…) It exalts us with a vision of nobility while offering an astounding critique of the modern world” Living Traditions Magazine. Australia

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Where can people see more complete interviews about your trilogy?
My website is http://thesolarwarrior.com/ and I also have a set of interviews available in the following playlist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LnFAjiaDHc&list=PLZHBwORJh1u5Nn6UYKVyBwCTGQ2kXkHq1
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Review of The Solar Warrior
By Living Traditions Magazine. Australia


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