Smashwords book reviews by sweber@noos.fr

  • Cold Press (A Palouse County Romance #1) on Nov. 07, 2021

    I liked the story because it was realistic, easy to read and there was no drama. The characters were likeable. It's a kind of feel-good book, it's short so it's a book I will probably read again when I need to relax and take my mind off things.
  • Coy Trick (A Palouse County Romance #2) on Nov. 07, 2021

    I read this one right after Cold Press (A Palouse County Romance #1), and expected it to be the same kind of realistic and heart-warming story. I was surprised to find a bit of supernatural in it (I didn't read the tags...), and since I just finished the first book in the serie, I had some trouble with it. I find the characters a little less likeable too, especially when they interact with Avery and Jordan. It's nonetheless a good story, and like the first one there's no tension, no drama, so it's the kind of book I can read to relax.
  • Oleander House (Bay City Paranormal Investigations book 1) on Jan. 29, 2022

    I probably never would have read this book had I paid attention to the tags : I don't like horror. But I'm glad I did, since I really liked the book. I didn't really get the feeling I was reading a horror book, more a paranormal story with a little horror. There was one scene near the end which was a little gore but not enough to make me feel sick. I like the writing and found the story interesting, it's not quite the kind of story where I can't stand to stop reading in the middle, but I got curious enough to read it in one go.
  • Tweet Storm on July 02, 2022

    I rarely read short stories, but the cover and title caught my eye so I read the blurb, which was enough for me to get the book. Blurbs are sometimes misleading but not this one... if you keep in mind this is a short story. I wondered if it would seem too short, and though it could have been longer, it definitely didn't feel rushed or lacking. I liked the writing and the story's natural, comfortable pace (and no angst). I just loved Ike, his personality, his positive thinking.
  • Marked on Dec. 18, 2022

    I liked this book. It was easy to read and I found it well written. Some people might not like how fast the main characters jump into a relationship. It didn't bother me : it's not exactly insta-love, it's just right for this world... and for the length of this novel.
  • Not Much of a Christmas Miracle on Dec. 18, 2022

    Only 19 pages, but somehow it felt longer. It was nice though.
  • Must Mean Something More (A Gay Christmas Novella) on Dec. 18, 2022

    I read this novella without pause, not because of any suspense but because it was a good story (and I had the time !). I liked the main characters, even if Eli sometimes annoyed me : they felt real. I really disliked the family but loved the sister.
  • Good Boy on Dec. 19, 2022

    It's my first book from this author and I didn't realise it was a sequel to another one (Frat Boy and Toppy) until I finished it and wondered why there was the nickname "Toppy" in the blurb but not in the book. This may explain why I was uncomfortable at first, thinking the story didn't quite match the blurb : in fact it does, but I expected to learn more about the main characters. I suppose it's all in the first book, and the author didn't want to retell the story in this one, since there is no need. The reader has enough information to enjoy the story. Had I known this was a sequel, I may not have felt there was something lacking (or I would have read the first one first !) I think it's a good book, especially since it had me considering reading the first one : I'd love to learn more about this couple and I liked the way the story was written.