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Sybil Darlette has always affectionately considered herself her parents "little accident". She grew up in a very small immediate family. She was the youngest of three children. So young, that she could actually say that she had a big sister and a big brother. She goes on to say, "Not that my siblings are ancient, just that they are closer in age to each other than they are to me. (She smiled) That's why it's easy to see myself as a "oops", rather than a " maybe one more".

Not being old enough to enjoy classic board games with her siblings, she often spent time trying to build toys or riding her big wheel up and down the driveway. Being one of the original latch key kids by age six, after school enjoyment was spent mostly sitting in front of the TV. As time went on, she began to develop an interest in theatre and drama. This prompted her to write her own TV shows, as well as analyze programs being aired.

This lead to an editorial being sent in to the local newspaper, four years later, about an action type show that influenced her then three year old nephew. To her surprise, the article was published in it's entirety, with no edits and no mistakes.
Being a ten year old kid, none of her friends understood what an editorial was, nor could they really comprehend anything other than , for some reason, it was in the newspaper.
Having no one to acknowledge her accomplishment, she gave herself a pat on the back and began writing stories. She stated that writing at such a young age often got her into more trouble than usual because, back then ,if you didn't have a typewriter, you hand wrote everything. She had pages and pages of notebook paper stacked up, writing on front and back. Unfortunately her creativity was often viewed as wasting school paper.

During middle school, she studied Advanced English. Noticing that every time the class had a play to read aloud, it only consisted of about twelve characters, leaving out the other students. Even though she was shy growing up, she was developing an interest in theatre and drama. It was during this time that she wrote a play for her entire eighth grade English class and it had exactly thirty two characters with equal parts for everyone.
It got recognition and a good review by her English teacher, who also taught drama and creative writing. She advised Darlette to continue her writings.
To date, she has several novellas that she has written over the years and even more that she plan to publish for others to enjoy.

Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in the mid-south back when children left home to visit their grandparents and curfews existed. It was a simpler time because there was no internet or email and the phones were land lines and phone booths. It was a time when children played outside, riding bikes, skating, on steel wheels in the street, on the side walk or in the driveway. It was a time when you played videos games at the arcade instead of at home. All of this gave me insight and subjects to write about. Whenever someone new moved into the neighborhood, the children would automatically meet and play. Each day, you learn more and more about the person you're playing with and their family. Everyone is different. People are different, and if something struck me as being strange or funny, I'd store it in memory and write about it later in the form of a story. Each day, a new chapter began. Each day was a new influence.
When did you first start writing?
I started writing when I was ten years old. Being the youngest of three siblings, I was often too young to do what was fun and exciting, so I would create my own world, or the family I wished I had on paper, then I would read it to myself and enjoy my story. I was destined to be an author.
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