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Just like everyday Australian, I enjoy what I do because I do what I enjoy. As a driver, in my line of duty; I have mentored, counseled vis-à-vis being a therapist cum an advisor spending great deal of time counseling different persons (Old and frail, young and agile) who merely wants to share their mind-boggling stories with someone without being judged. I have witnessed scenes anyone would have thought impossible and inconceivable; partners lying through their teeth to the one they claim to love, whilst the more heartbreaking is the innocent faithful one who is at the receiving end with no clue of what is going on behind his or her back.
In spite of my work, I thought it incumbent on me to put together a rare and unique book comprising all the events I’ve witnessed in my journey through the world so far. This has endeared me more to reading that I document several related events witnessed in the course of my job.
Most importantly, I find it profoundly significant to reveal what seems hidden but inevitably tearing apart relationships, friendships and families. However, irrespective of how much of unimaginable scenes I have witnessed, I’ve been privileged enough to meet amazing people from all corners of the world.

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