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  • A Trifold Spiral Knot on Oct. 20, 2010
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    Having read A Trifold Spiral Knot, I initially thought this would be a good story to read first or second out of the current selection of Jokka shorts. But on a re-read, I'd have to say my enjoyment was enhanced by having already read all Ms. Hogarth's other Jokka stories first. I *love* circular/generational storytelling. New characters meeting or training under old characters, or the people of the setting following some precept or philosophy set by people from stories set hundreds of years earlier. That sort of thing. 'Knot' has that in at least a couple significant places, being tied to Hogarth's a Fire in the Void (or at least a piece of art she did for it) and another short published in a recent anthology by Ergofiction. So the reader recognizes names and figures/imagery from previous stories. Love it! That huge bit of awesome aside though, this story really shows you the world through the eyes of the Jokka themselves. The visual descriptions of color and setting, among other things, are vivid, and rather stunning. And even as short as it is, you really come out of it feeling familiar with the two characters portrayed and, having read all the other Jokka material, like you've gained an intimate bit of arcane knowledge about the path they end up on.
  • The Bear Prince on Feb. 16, 2011
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    These three stories have a great classic fairytale vibe to them. My favorite is probably the first the eponymous, "The Bear Prince." It reads similar to old Russian folklore to me, strange and lovely, and very evocative of a world where magic might be peaking at you around the edges of snowdrifts. The author's afterword was an unexpectedly interesting bonus, and brought up some details about the greater setting of this fairytale world I probably wouldn't have thought of. All in all, a great first ebook.