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Smashwords book reviews by tadaki

  • Ricochet on Nov. 07, 2012

    Really wonderful! Very easy to follow and definitely in Xanthe's style. I think she made a great decision when she chose a TV show setting - the familiarity of it made reading all the more enjoyable! The characters are an amazing, fun loving bunch. I loved following Rick and Matt through their ups and downs, with the occasional tug at my heartstrings. Great balance of tears and laughter. I did feel that some areas were glossed over in order to push the story forward, particularly towards the end. But I understand that Xanthe really was trying to keep the word count down and I think it still worked very well. Maybe I just wanted more to read! The book ends nicely with the potential for a sequel...what can I say? This book leaves me wanting more and it's definitely one that I'll return to again! An amazing read and a delightful journey. Thank you so much Xanthe!