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Tim Ernst is the founder of TurnAroundFitness. He created this site for anyone who wants to turn their life around through gaining weight and building muscle.

2001 was the toughest year of his life. He was 25 years of age when his closest brother past away at the age of 24, (a drug overdose). He also was engaged to a woman who decided to leave 4 months after his brothers death. What a horrific time and loss. He was left standing at a crossroad not knowing what to do next until a co-worker introduced him to the gym. These past events would be the catalyst that would catapult him to have a desire to better his life both spiritually and physically. This is when Tim and his co-worker started working out. Tim needed to get his mind off of things and his friend lead him into a life changing direction, never looking back.

So many people live unhealthy lives! Whether you eat unhealthy, do drugs, or whatever else people do; fitness can turn it all around when it comes to the physical part of your life.

Tim took his passion for fitness and his faith in an almighty God (Christ) to a whole new level. As time went on, the hard times seem to disappear. Gradually he got more and more fit. Instead of being addicted to drugs he became addicted to fitness and continues to live a healthy lifestyle today.

Years later he married the woman of his dreams and continues to have a passion for fitness and bodybuilding.

You to can have a healthy and fulfilling life full of passion no matter where you are. It's an adventure, but it's going to take some effort and most of all some heart.

What are your desires and what are you most passionate about? Give yourself permission to do whatever you're passionate about right here, right now!
Continue to crush your goals and you can achieve anything you want despite your circumstances.

Tim and his beautiful wife Laura currently live in Florida.
You can find Tim spending a lot of his time in the gym and working towards his goals.

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High Calorie Muscle Building Omelet
1. 1 Cup Egg Whites 2. 2 Whole Eggs 3. Spinach 4. A little cheese 5. Ground Beef Fat -36 grams Protein -91 grams Carbs -5 grams 741 Calories NOTE: If you have excess body-fat to loose, leave out the beef and cheese. Doing so will only be 370 Calories. Fat -12 grams Protein -55 grams Carbs -1 Gram

Monday Muscle Meal Post Nutrition
Ingredients: 1. 1 Cup Egg Whites 2. Ground Turkey 3. Cumin 4. Black Beans 5. Diced Tomatoes 6. Greek Yogurt 7. 3/4's Cup White Rice. For guys trying to gain weight, 2 Cups Cooked. Without Rice Fat -8 grams Protein -100 grams Carbs -29 grams =623 Calories 3/4's Cup White Rice Fat -8 grams Protein -103 grams Carbs -63 grams =773 Calories 2 Cups White Rice Fat -8 grams Protein -108 grams Carbs -122 grams =1,023 Calories

Lean Muscle Burgers
Ingredients: 1. 2 Lean Turkey Burgers 2. Arnold's Flat Bread 3. Lettuce 4. 2 Tomatoes 5. Pickles 6. Ketchup (No High Fructose Corn Syrup) 7. Spicy Mustard. Fat -18 grams Protein -52 grams Carbs -48 grams =525 Calories NOTE: If you have excess body-fat to lose, the bread is still o.k. but you should not eat a lot of carbs after that meal.

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