University student and first award-winning pioneer English cell phone novelist in the West through textnovel.com

Cell Phone Novels is a phenomenon originally from Japan of online, serialized literature written in short poetic less than 200 word chapters blending poetry and storytelling. See more information below!

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- A fantasy and sci-fi epic The Fringe of District 24 http://tiny.cc/fringe24

- A semi-autobiographical journey of a musician Move「旅」http://tiny.cc/movemusic

- An-Anything-Goes poetic eccentric story of randomness and fun Multicolored Syndrome http://tiny.cc/multicolor

- An experimental Instagram Novel Itsumo Arigatou http://tiny.cc/arigatou

- An apocalyptic story All’s Well That Ends Well http://tiny.cc/endwell

- and of course most popular pioneer cell phone novel tale of young love Secondhand Memories http://tiny.cc/2hm

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ABOUT the AUTHOR-----------------------------

“Amazing how well you implement the first-person point of view… Hackneyed and cliche, some have said, but there’s just something about good writers and first person novels. You are definitely in one of them. Your voice really comes through. Some people will disagree and say, “Well of course. He’s writing in first person. It’s suppose to engage you in such a way.” But I would have to say that not all first-person novels come through as clean as yours does. Simply amazing.”
-DiogenesMarx, textnovel.com

Going by the codename of Takatsu, (or taka in short) and preferring to wield a trusty phone, the university student with a love for writing never fails to deliver. Words that is.

The author of Secondhand Memories has been writing since he was 10, an avid fan of fantasy novels, romance j-drama, punk rock and apples. Since then, he has started countless and an uncountable number of novels, some having only a first paragraph, some over a hundred pages, all of which have never been finished.

Enter Secondhand Memories: The first and most popular English cell phone novel and cell phone novelist in North America in the West with over 80,000 words, over 48000 views, thousands of fans around the globe and Book 1 in the process of editing and publication with Book 2 on its way. Started in January of 2009, written for fun, and surprisingly to the author, the novel has become widely popular amongst readers of all ages all across the world on textnovel.com pioneering the Japanese cell phone novel movement in North America. On October 24th, 2009, Secondhand Memories won the Reader’s Choice award in the textnovel contest amongst other awards that led up to the finals resulting in a literary agent contract. In 2010, Secondhand Memories was chosen to be published part of an English textbook in Japan as a reading comprehension exercise as a way to get students interested in English. It will be used in high schools across Japan.

It is only thanks to readers all around the globe that allows this project to be so successful and together through the interaction of the internet and social media, fans, the author and the characters have journeyed through a lot.

Follow the story as it develops, one chapter at a time!

If you appreciate Jdrama, anime, japanese culture, a good read, inspiration, pondering about life or are just bored, please do check out the novel.

WHAT ARE CELL PHONE NOVELS? ----------------------

Cell Phone Novels is a phenomenon originally from Japan of online, serialized literature written in short poetic less than 200 word chapters blending poetry and storytelling. Read more info here: http://textnovel.com/keitai

PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE this compiled comprehensive and detailed documentary about cell phone novels, how it came to be, its literary style, knowledge and guidance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIGTcth-kZ4

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