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My name is Richard Custer and I'm a 44 year old, African-American residing in Chicago, IL. I've had to make some important changes in my life due to nagging back issues. So a career change was needed. I've always enjoyed writing and felt my writings could someday fulfill a life long dream of becoming an author.

I've been writing since the age of nine and I enjoy telling a story and having the reader immersed within the characters. I'm a identical twin and when I'm not doing things like cooking, playing video games or doing homework, I love to write in my spare time.

My friend Author Joshua Graham once told me: "Don't ever let anyone or anything discourage you. Keep writing and keep getting the word out. It's a marathon rather than a sprint."

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Smashwords book reviews by Richard A. Custer

  • Upgrade on April 26, 2011

    Upgrade is a very good romance novel, with a twist of sci-fi flair added to the mix. I must admit I was craving more sci-fi than romance and some parts of the novel did move slowly but it didn't fail to keep my attention. I could relate somewhat to the Character of Brent for what person doesn't struggle with their desire to be physically attractive to the opposite sex. I was somewhat surprised at the ending and I'm guessing you'll be to when you read Stephen Hise delightful novel.
  • Josie's Thorn on April 26, 2011

    Josie Thorn is reminiscent of the old 70's Harlequin romance novels my mom used to read. The covers of those novel would even entice me and I'm a guy! Lisa Vandiver's cover is just as inviting and I wasn't disappointed when I began reading her novel. The lead character Josephina is a very engaging, strong-willed and yet fosters a gentle spirit underneath her seemingly harden dexterity. I love the way how Vandiver take her time in developing the characters within her book and makes the reader take an active interest from the begin of the book to its memorable conclusion. I could envision her book being a made-for-tv Sunday Night Movie on the Hallmark Channel!