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We are just a couple of bookworms who avidly support the "dying" art of print and it just so happen that we developed a fondness for the Supernatural Genre. We find it very stimulating, definitely entertaining and a very good distraction to whatever mundane irritations are happening to us in real life. There will be times where we might persuade you to get up and go to the nearest library or bookstore to get a copy of an old/new piece of work that we find will be worth your while.

Here's to the wonderful world of Vampires, Weres, Fae, Sorcery and everything else in between. Cheers!

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Smashwords book reviews by TalkSupe Blogspot

  • Blood and Guitars on Oct. 30, 2011

    I like the love story, it's like spring/summer and Trey is such a wonderful hero. He's not a jerk, he knows how to treat women right, down to earth and even his band, Catalyst is like that. You'd want them around as your friends and they are far from the usual sex-drugs-and-rock 'n roll kind of thing. Aurora's character too has some interesting layers, being a predator it is expected that she'll be an Alpha and would protect what's hers but at the same time she's soft and feminine with Trey. She has a lot of restraint especially on using her super telepathic powers on him.
  • Tribute (Children of the Sidhe, #1) on Jan. 25, 2012

    Now I don't know what exactly I want to feel or read in Tribute, I was just hoping that it's not very crappy but at the very least, I wish it were entertaining. With the bar set low, let me say that I was disappointed... and EMBARRASSED. Because I ended up thoroughly enjoying the book! The cover (the one I have is on the left) doesn't say much, in fact at first glance it looks to me like a Herbal Essences or Fructis hair shampoo ad. But behind that is a story that I can't let go. Usually novellas are a prequel or a filler story, ending in cliff hangers or a beginning of something epic. Tribute is NOT like your typical novella, it has all the elements that you'd find in a good para-romance novel and as much as I want to dislike the book I find it hard to truly do so. Let me break it down for you. The Tribute is literally a tribute, it is Ian MacIlroy's family offering to the Fomorii to ensure that their line remains fertile. Unfortunately the key ingredient for the Tribute is already extinct and they need the help of the Irish love God, Aengus, to come up with an alternative else the line of Ian Macilroy dies. Enter Hazel Fintan, one of Aengus' many children, and with her help they set to find a solution. So being the daughter of a Love God guarantees seduction and a lot of tumbles in the bed. And that did happen but what cracked me up was when Hazel discovered that Ian is the God of the Forest himself and after their first tryst his horns appeared. HORNS! Of course she freaked out and I can just imagine how hysterical she felt and how utterly ridiculous and traumatic that would be. I wish that J.R. has been more descriptive about the Otherworld, I grew up with various stories about the Fae and how they seduce and kidnap people into marrying them or staying in their kingdom. I loved those stories which explains why I am so fond of stories about the Folk.
  • Vessel (Children of the Sidhe, #2) on Jan. 26, 2012

    I'll be bold and say that Vessel is better than Tribute, not that the latter was bad but the story is getting richer and more interesting because J.R. Pearse is letting the characters tell the story for us. The love story is exciting and the conflict more intriguing, (Morrigan just got herself involved in the war, yay!)and the underlying threat to the Otherworld and the Children promises something epic in the future. This story is perfect for a novella format and the cliffhangers are done just right for the next arc of the story to take off from. Though the tale shifts from different perspectives, there is an underlying theme that ties it all together just like any other series and the flow of the main story is fluid and doesn't stall. However being in novella length, I'm sure you'll find limitations that would leave you wanting more developments on some characters or events but in my opinion, it actually works well with this story. It keeps it focused on the highlights instead of the endless fillers we usually read in novel series. My personal comment is I'd like to see more character development on the male leads by adding another layer in their personalities that will make them more distinct and synonymous to a word or adjective (ie Barrons - arrogant; V'lane - sexy; Eric Northman - viking). Nonetheless, I will most definitely follow these Children, their amorous affairs and their fate behind the veil.