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  • Lemon and Lace on Feb. 10, 2013

    Thoroughly enjoyed this collection of short stories, and hope Miss Worstall has some more slices of life to entertain us with.
  • Smashwords Writing Duel on Sep. 18, 2013

    A great story - black humour abounds, and I'm still uncertain whether there were deliberate miftakes. Entertaining and recommended.
  • Hunchback on Jan. 24, 2018

    This is an original take on the most evil of kings. As a rousing adventure, it really works. Action leaps from the page, balanced by Richard's infatuation with a flame haired mistress, who is equally dark hearted. The story ends at Bosworth Field, there may be some unaware of the outcome, so no spoilers! G R R Martin admits to borrowing heavily from "War of The Roses" for his fictional "Game of Thrones". In my view, "Hunchback" is a more authentic study of this barbaric period, enlivened by Richard's own rapier (often amusing) observations. On a legitimate battle field, like a medieval James Bond, he is licensed to kill and does so with relish - unfortunately Richard isn't content to play second fiddle to his elder brother and so the killing spree continues even though the battles are won. Bonus content is provided by William Shakespeare, but probably not as you know him. Richard III remains one of Shakespeare's most popular plays, so it's doubly amusing when the play's anti-hero borrows and sometimes twists the Bard's prose to more aptly describe events and characters - sheer genius - kudos to the author! Add in some sumptuous colour illustrations, and it becomes a mystery as to why this little gem isn't a best seller. A rare read that entertains and enlightens.