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  • How I Designed My Life Using the Law of Attraction...And You Can Too on March 28, 2014

    I have read several of Annie's books, and I enjoy how she organizes the information so the reader can understand and benefit from any subject. The Law of Attraction is fascinating, but I know many people who are overwhelmed with the concept simply because of the amount of information and points of view that are available. Annie truly focuses on the "need to know" points and gives a compilation worth reading. The factual description of the Law of Attraction, what it is "not", and examples of how it has worked in her life (when she was both aware and unaware in hindsight) is fascinating. As an individual who has also witnessed it in my own life, I recommend this subject to all, and I commend Annie on her brilliant delivery of a much needed blessing in all of our lives - The Law of Attraction! Kudos!!