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  • As the Crow Flies on July 26, 2013

    Full disclosure: I received this book free in exchange for a review. Having read the book, here's my honest review: I thought this book rocked! The main character, Crow, was smart and snarky, and very funny. Living in his head was a real hoot. Of course, he seemed to have superhuman stamina, keeping on keeping on with injuries that would have put me in a hospital bed, but hey, it is quest fantasy - you expect your heroes and your antiheroes to be, you know, heroic. Crow's characterization was brilliant. I loved him, and I loved his story. I loved his smartassery, and his matter-of-factness about thieving and climbing sheer rock walls and such like. I loved his snarking at every little thing that was going wrong, even as he praised all the gods that he was so beloved of them that they constantly smiled down on him. I loved his naming convention for things that he felt needed names. I loved his banter with his best enemy, Tanris, the guard who had been trying for so long to catch him. I just loved everything about Crow, and his story, and the world that Robin created for him. The story was well-crafted and kept me guessing as to just HOW they would get to the most-likely-though-apparently-impossible ending. There was only one false note with me, as a reader, and that was that Crow complained about everything about his first time on a horse, except he didn't even mention being saddle sore. Of course, he had lots of other things on his mind to complain about, but it just felt like the saddle soreness would have been the tiny little topper to top everything off, you know? I've been on a horse, and I missed that detail, but not enough to stop reading. The rest of his story was just too enthralling to let one false note ruin the symphony! I would certainly recommend this book, even without the saddle sores - it's a funny, witty, tight adventure with a thoroughly enjoyable narrator in Crow, and it's well worth the time and money you'll put into reading it.