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Smashwords book reviews by Tamra LeValley

  • Church Without God: Exploit The Truth And Purge Yourself In The Faith on July 21, 2013

    A short and sweet book on God in Church. This book was compact but powerful to say the least. Once again the author has stated what Christian need to hear in a most poignant manner that carries a punch. As Christians we forget that our job is to take our deeds outside the church building. You see, church is wherever we take it and wherever it is needed. This author has a wonderful way with words that brings this very need into focus. One of the things that captured my breath was when he wrote "A chair does itself no good except it blesses the user - humans. Likewise your life will only count when you help people on their way up." Once a person discovers their "work" in Jesus their message must be "heavenly, not carnal or worldly" but you must enter their realm to minister to them. the ones in need are in a drinking parlor or club house and that is where the christian is needed. I love this book and its simplicity. Straight forward and straight up truth. It gives directions to what is truly needed in our CHURCH!
  • How To Discover Your Divine Destiny And Total Breakthroughs on July 21, 2013

    This book and " Living Beyond Yourself: Navigating into Success and Significance" are very similar. They both talk about your predestined WORK that God made you to do. However, this particular book goes into a lot more detail and a step-by-step guide on showing you how to use the gifts that you were born with. Once you realize what those gifts are you can turn them into what you do for a living while still serving God. Chapter 3 was my favorite because it gives and explains several reasons why this is so important such as: It reduces stress, deepens satisfaction and fulfillment, builds self-esteem, and places you on a life of significance. These are all worthy and complimentary to a life well lived. This is a must read book for any Christian who are still searching what God is asking of them. It is a guide to self improvement and self love while having your life touch others and leading them to God.
  • 21 Keys To Miracle In Helpless Situations: How To Pray When You Can’t Pray on July 21, 2013

    Great book with Great instructions on how to pray when a prayer can't be found. Sometimes I find it hard to pray in depths of despair and this book has 21 wonderful steps to guide me during those trying times. As described in the start of this book, its main purpose to "rescue those suffering from sicknesses, illness and diseases." Prayer is the way to do it. But before you can truly pray you must repent and know what is needed in that prayer. This books lends the strength and help needed in those times of suffering. Read it before you need it!!