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  • Encrypted on July 27, 2012

    I was a little worried when I started reading this book since it was a whole different set of characters then the Emperor's Edge series. But it turned out to be just as good, if not better, then them. I loved this book.
  • The Emperor's Edge on July 27, 2012

    I enjoyed reading this book! It took me a bit to get used to her style of writing and I had to use the kindle dictionary to figure out some of the words but I fell in love with every character in the team.
  • Captured (The Captive Series Book 1) on Sep. 02, 2012

    This book was alright. I didn't think there was enough character development. The girl, supposedly is amazing with being one of her father's best fighters, yet nothing throughout the book proves it. It is all telling and no showing. If the girl had acted the way her reputation was made out to be, then it would have been better. The ending had an interesting twist, though, but it ends rather quickly.
  • The Queen's Blade on Sep. 02, 2012

    I enjoyed this book. The writing was rather interesting and took a bit to get used to but it kept me reading. Blade was a very interesting character. I liked reading about him. I loved the idea of their familiars and wished they had been more a part of the story.
  • Untamed Gift (Book One of the Items Trilogy) on Sep. 17, 2012

    I enjoyed reading this book quite a bit more then I expected to. There are continual grammar errors throughout the book along with tense (past and present) getting mixed up. I usually can't read books with a lot of errors as I get frustrated but the story for this book kept me reading. It was fascinating. With an editor's help, I believe this book could go from being a good read to a great read.
  • Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins on Sep. 28, 2012

    This has got to be one of my favorite books on smashwords yet. I had been a little worried at first because I rarely, if ever, read science fiction. I was pleasantly relieved when I was enticed into the story within the first chapter. I loved it! Sometimes, all the talk about certain technology got a little tedious but it was kept to a minimum. It was truly an amazing read and inspiring for any new writers. Thank you, Randolph Lalonde for such an adventurous week as I read this.