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  • Armor of God: The Paladin on July 16, 2012

    Once I started reading Armor of God: The Paladin, I couldn't put it down! Loved the setting and the characters. The author made it very easy to slip into the world he created for his readers. I was also impressed by the way he handled scenes where the characters were talking about Jesus, salvation, etc. That sort of thing often comes across as forced and out of character in many of the Christian novels I've read, so I applaud the author for managing to keep his characters who they are while they talked about Jesus! :) I'm looking forward to the next installment. PS - To the reviewer who posed the question "Why should I continue reading if Paladin is very hard to kill?" I'll answer that question with a question: Why would we keep reading Lord of the Rings if Sauron is very hard to kill?
  • Encrypted on July 16, 2012

    It's a difficult thing for any book to break into my "Top Ten Favorites of All Time," but this one made it! I didn't want to stop reading, and I felt like a best friend had moved away forever when I finished it. Really hoping for a sequel. For Emperor's Edge fans who haven't read this one yet: Sicarius makes an appearance!
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night on June 05, 2014

    I don't read very many shorts, but the ones Tim Baer writes are always an exception. He manages to encapsulate so much in very few words, and I was sucked into the characters by the second paragraph! Pick it up, and then go get Sherpa and everything else by this author!