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  • Base Spirits on Nov. 16, 2011

    By grounding Base Spirits in actual past events, Ruth Barrett lends her story a credibility which permeates through the centuries and into the modern day telling of an already troubled relationships’ final days. It’s this mix of fact and fiction which Barrett expertly intertwines to create an imaginative, engaging story. The reader is compelled to not simply observe from afar, but to take this terrifying, supernatural journey along with Clara Ravenscroft and Scott Atkinson – the married couple at the centre of the story - as they unwittingly explore the darkest depths of the human condition. Her obvious love and understanding of Shakespearean times adds yet another layer of authenticity to Barrett’s narrative, transporting the reader from the opening passages and holding us in her grasp through the centuries and back again. Like the historical events which reverberate so horrifically into the lives of Clara and Scott, Base Spirits stays with the reader long after the final pages are consumed and the bedside light extinguished, lingering in the dark, just on the edge of our senses. Base Spirits is an excellent read and achievement, marking a highly promising start to this exciting new authors’ arrival on the literary landscape.