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Tanya Simmonds is a former Legal Executive who specialized in Criminal Defence. She lives with her husband in rural England.

As an author, she has written on a number of subjects, academic and fictional. Her fictional stories range from suspense thrillers to romance and erotica, including femdom.

Femdom Novels

The Paramount Rule (Paperback. Chimera 2009.) Out of print.

Prisoners of the Governess (Paperback and Kindle. Pink Flamingo 2010)

Reformation (Paperback and Kindle. Silver Moon, 2011)

The Paramount Rule (2nd Edition) – (Paperback and Kindle. Pink Flamingo, 2011)

Stronghold – (Coming to Pink Flamingo in 2012)

The Penitentiary – (Currently being written.)

As co-author:

Sinners (Electronic only. Various internet forums 2011)

Email: tanya_simmonds@yahoo.co.uk

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