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  • When the Siren Calls - Prequel on Jan. 06, 2012

    A high octane suspense story and a roller coaster of a ride as the headstrong heroine goes from one crisis to another. Think a young Audrey Hepburn and a menacing Michael Douglas in his prime - Roman Holiday meets Wall Street, Princess Anya and Gordon Gekko. But this is no romantic comedy. It is high tension and suspense from the opening line, with innocence thrown amongst the devious. The characters are real and believable, i was really sucked in, rooting for Isobel from the start. Somewhat surprisingly, the author brings the characters and scenes to life, while leaving much to the imagination. We learn more as we move along, with backstory cleverly drip fed on a need to know basis. By the time the author tells us what we need to know about the characters, we care enough to want to know. Sexual tension lurks on every page but there are real moments of humour, and some great one liners. Reply to: