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Smashwords book reviews by Ivanna Skytower

  • The Hunters on Feb. 23, 2017

    Let's just jump right in, this book will get you hooked and make you crave the next. Join Chris, his brother Lucas, and their rag tag group, as they try to rid their small town of the infestation that slowly took hold. After an ambush they meet up with Fury and Havoc. Fury and Havoc are a bundle of non communicative mystery all wrapped up in an intensity bow. A subgroup offers sanctuary to those unable to handle the new twists in their path. Intrigue draws you in and keeps you hooked. As we get into the action I worried my lip wondering if a subgroup was going to be able to handle what came their way. I was saddened towards the end when the fear of losing some of the main characters is real and raw. I can't wait to read the next book in this series, I do hope to catch up with some of my favs! I desired to write this review after reviewing it all on my own accord =^~.~^=
  • The Hunted on March 21, 2017

    Alright folks buckle up while reading this action packed sequel. There are no exits, so enjoy the ride. My favorite blunt bad asprine b with an itch is back! I was head over paw for this as Fury, Havoc, and Strev picked up where The Hunters left off. I was a little saddened not to see anyone else from the first book, although they are mentioned. Now we focus on Strev as Havoc strives to help him with his transition. (what transition? make sure to read the first.) A new character joins our trio, the tension can be felt through the pages as the hunters realize they are the ones being hunted. Over the course of the book you begin to like the dynamics envisioning where you think it will go. Hold tight folks nothing is what it seems with this fantastic Author. Getting to know Fury a bit better and Havoc made this story filled with raw emotions. I can't lie, I needed tissues for the ending. So get ready folks this ride is fast, intense, and wrapped in an action packed bow =^~.~^=