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Latest book: Plantation House - A BDSM Novel. Published January 1, 2012.
Latest book: Nazi Days And Nights 3. Published March 31, 2018.
Ashley K. Bennet
Latest book: A Collared Bimbo. Published April 25, 2017.
Boyd Agate
Latest book: LES MARCHANDS D’ESCLAVES De L’amazone. Published February 19, 2012.
Brian Khast
Latest book: Wild Whipped Women. Published December 8, 2011.
Candace Smith
Latest book: Gods & Monsters. Published March 18, 2014.
Charles Arnold
Latest book: The Sweet Wife Series. Published July 8, 2015.
Dark Pen
Latest book: Office Games. Published June 12, 2012.
Dave Wells
Latest book: Sub At The Orgy. Published March 24, 2013. (4.00 from 2 reviews)
DeAnna Sodus
Latest book: Blackmailed Into Submission - Book 2. Published May 9, 2018.
Debbie Durschka
Latest book: Outraged In The Outback. Published August 30, 2013.
Declan Brand
Latest book: Shades of Pink. Published February 11, 2013.
Diana Philbrick
Latest book: The Story Behind... Jenny2. Published February 15, 2019.
Ed Edas
Latest book: Taxing Times 2 - Training and Subservience. Published February 22, 2013.
Erica Kelley
Latest book: Tamed For The Castle. Published January 9, 2015.
Latest book: The Fall Of Women's Rights In The USA. Published January 30, 2013.
Francine Whittaker
Latest book: Duty Bound. Published March 12, 2015.
Frank McCall
Latest book: Lauren In Captivity. Published June 22, 2012.
H Dean
Latest book: Milk. Published May 18, 2018.
Hector McIntyre
Latest book: Sisters of Servitude. Published March 9, 2018.
Jack Norman
Latest book: Someone Else's Daughter. Published July 5, 2012.
John Savage
Latest book: Loving Torment. Published August 2, 2018.
Katherine Forbes
Latest book: Plantation Pony Tales - Volume 2. Published December 12, 2017.
Kelly Lane
Latest book: Company Slave. Published February 18, 2014.
Lia Anderssen
Latest book: Bush Slave. Published January 11, 2019.
Mark Andrews
Latest book: Aristocrat Slave Dealer. Published January 19, 2019.
Martin Hughes
Latest book: Rosalind's Terror. Published January 11, 2019.
Michael O'Connor
Latest book: Executive Enslavement. Published February 4, 2013.
Michaela Francis
Latest book: Domestic Discipline 2. Published February 1, 2019.
Miguel de Rivieira
Latest book: Vengeance In Mergar. Published May 9, 2011.
Mitchell Joyce
Latest book: A Master's Handbook. Published January 20, 2019.
Passion St. John
Latest book: Moments of Passion. Published October 19, 2018.
Peter Birch
Latest book: The Bitch Strap. Published September 22, 2014.
Peter King
Latest book: Chained & Trained Cheerleaders. Published February 16, 2019.
Peter Marriner
Latest book: Human Guinea Pigs. Published December 5, 2018.
Rex Saviour
Latest book: Innocence Abused - This is moderate BDSM Novel. Published August 24, 2012.
Richard Carlisle
Latest book: Jinx (A Beginning). Published January 24, 2019.
Richard Stryker
Latest book: Against Her Will - "Chrissie Decides". Published January 5, 2013.
Ryan Hennessy
Latest book: The Educator. Published May 20, 2013.
Seth James
Latest book: The Shoplifter. Published February 12, 2018.
Simon Grail
Latest book: The M.I.L.F Experiments. Published February 16, 2019.
Steven Drukker
Latest book: Corporate Enslavement. Published October 13, 2018.
Sylvester Horne
Latest book: Big Black Bamboo. Published June 7, 2018. (1.00 from 1 review)
T. H. Barker
Latest book: Mothers and Lovers. Published September 8, 2018.
Tim Bowie
Latest book: The Dark Continent. Published December 23, 2017.
Toby Abbott
Latest book: A Gentleman's Property. Published January 22, 2015.
V.W. Singer
Latest book: Crusader. Published September 18, 2014.
William Avon
Latest book: The Girlspell 2 - Slaves Of The Girlspell. Published November 8, 2014.