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Smashwords book reviews by Taylor

  • Promise Me on Oct. 21, 2017

    This book was so very excellent! From the first page I was sucked in, completely lost in the story until I had devoured the very last word. It was suspenseful, mysterious, romantic, and engaging. My heart was pounding with anticipation through the mystery and skipping beats as I swooned over the love story of the main characters! This author creates a well-written and tremendously twisty story-line that readers of all genres will love. I was roped into the world of these characters and I never wanted to leave. Promise Me is edge-of-your-seat, clever, fast paced genius. The author masterfully crafts a brilliant read with this book and it’s one I’ll be keeping on my shelf for years to come and recommending to friends and family. I’ll definitely be looking out for more from Jack O. Daniel!
  • Unscrambled Eggs on Oct. 31, 2017

    Unscrambled Eggs is an incredible collection of poems that will speak right to your heart. This author masterfully crafts each poem with descriptive language, imagery and powerful emotions. The poems are relatively short, but so great that I devoured the entire collection in two sittings. Even though I’ve finished the book, I saved my favorite poems and I know I’ll revisit them often. My favorite poem in this collection was “Farewell to Hardship.” This poetry collection is engaging, relatable, personal, and packs a strong emotional punch.You'll connect with this author through the words of every poem and see yourself reflected back in the words. I’ll definitely be keeping Unscrambled Eggs on my shelf for years to come and recommending this collection to family and friends.
  • The Violinist and the Ballerina on Nov. 24, 2017

    “‘What did this proposal cost you?,’ knowing that it must have been a lot. ‘Everything and nothing.’”The Violinist and the Ballerina was a touching story to read! In this story, fate brings together two individuals who knew each other at earlier points in their lives and offers a chance for reconciliation of past wrongdoings. This author tells a story with terrific detail, relatable characters, and a plot that flows perfectly from beginning to end. I loved the gorgeous descriptions of dance and music incorporated in this story- it was so beautifully described and really brought the art to life. This story was entertaining, pleasantly surprising, and a quick, yet emotional read. I’ll definitely be recommending to family and friends.
  • Killing Spree on Dec. 03, 2017

    Trying to solve a murder is tough for a detective. Trying to solve a fetish murder involving BDSM is beyond tough. Learning the lifestyle and then falling in love with the suspect and staying alive? Who knows. I loved it!
  • Masters Revenge on Dec. 03, 2017

    WOW! Revenge needs a new definition! This guy takes them out at the knees and then he gets mean.
  • The Fixer on Dec. 03, 2017

    Hottest book I've read in years. It's what 50 shades could have been, should have been.
  • Crescent Moon Rising on Dec. 03, 2017

    Easy read! I couldn't put it down once I got into it. The attacks by terrorists were ripped out of the news and the reactions are what we all wish to see.
  • Shadow of Death on Dec. 03, 2017

    Peter Tanner got me good! I never expected what he did with this one. I love how he pokes fun at the military like only military people do to each other. After chapter 1 I couldn’t put it down.
  • Shadow of Death on Dec. 03, 2017

    Peter Tanner got me good! I never expected what he did with this one. I love how he pokes fun at the military like only military people do to each other. After chapter 1 I couldn’t put it down.
  • Silent Thunder on Dec. 03, 2017

    Great book, starts slow but like a roaring freight train it has a great finish!
  • The Third Secret of Fatima on Dec. 03, 2017

    Blackmailed to be a sex slave. Nancy finds out there is a plot to destroy the Catholic church. WOW!
  • The Debt on Dec. 03, 2017

    Forced to be a sex slave to pay off her husband's gambling debts, wow! What some do for love.
  • Black Obsession on Dec. 03, 2017

    All Debby wanted was a little black sex on the side. What Larry, her husband did was a crime. When Larry said revenge was a dish best served cold, he should have known what would happen.
  • Her Dark Temptation on Dec. 03, 2017

    Poor Doug, in love with a married woman, stalking her for years only to find out she is into some really kinky stuff.
  • Fun with Languages: Tips and Tricks to Master Foreign Languages Easily on Jan. 28, 2018

    Fun with Languages is such an incredible resource! As someone who has always been interested in improving their spanish, I couldn’t have discovered this book at a better time in my life. It gave me the push I needed to start to improve my spanish with practical and easily applicable tips and tricks to help. The author does a fantastic job of explaining everything the book, from the benefits of learning a foreign language to how you can work on improving the skills you already have and learn new ones.The best part of this book is that the suggestions are really doable for everyday life. Nothing seems too far fetched, or that it would be too hard to try in order to help further your learning. I took note of so many things when reading this book, and I can’t wait to try the different ideas to improve my conversational Spanish. I’ve already tried listening to my first audiobook in Spanish, which was such a fun experience! So many people want to learn more languages, and author Monica Di Santi is really helping people achieve this dream with her book. I know I’ll be keeping this one on my shelf until I’ve mastered my Spanish speaking skills!