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  • Loves Erotic Flower on Oct. 24, 2013

    I fell in love with the book. I was amazed at how she took such a controversial topic and exposed the real question about love. Who are we to put limits on who a person is supposed to love. Laws cannot and should not dictate our hearts and who we love. She wrote Love’s Erotic Flower as a short novella to fill the gap of time between Love’s Forbidden Flower and Time’s Forbidden Flower. This novella lets the reader see the transition that Lily and Donovan made after their father died in the first book. It could be a stand alone read, but I highly recommend that you read the first book along with the novella in advance of the second book which is scheduled to be released soon. In the novella, she lets you see how their love is explored and acted upon. It is humorous, sincere and very well written. Diane once again shows us her outstanding talent at taking a taboo topic and making us see the real issue………..LOVE. I have had the honor of reading the second book, you won’t want to miss out on it. It closes the story for Lily and Donovan and leaves you with the answers you have had during the story. The ending is what I classify as a OMG moment when you fully understand what had happen in their lives that lead them to where they are now. Diane does such a wonderful job giving you the pieces to this story as you go, but she doesn’t draw you a map. This isn’t a book you can predict the ending to half way through. Oh you might think you have the answers and know what is going to happen, but it is at those times she changes the questions and you start all over again. What I love most about this series is that the topic alone could turn many readers off. I only hope that the book falls into the hands of readers who can look past the surface and see the real truth to the story. Do we as society have the right to tell someone they can’t love another person because of title, relation or to establish comfort in society? Do we have the right to tell a person they have to ignore their heart and live in a loveless marriage because that is what is acceptable? Yes this is a story of two siblings who were lied to, abused and mistreated by not only society but their own parents. I walked away feeling like I need to examine how I personally feel about others rights to love who they love. A heart can’t be controlled, it can be held hostage, it can be manipulated but it will continue to love who it loves.