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  • Lovers and Beloveds: An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom Book One on Sep. 28, 2010

    Full disclosure: I am one of the individuals who crowdfunded the book and read the original draft. Meilin's world is unlike any other fantasy world I've read. This is no swords and sorcery adventure tale, though the sorcery is present, and unlike many fantasy novels, actually seems rare, mysterious and powerful. It's a wonderfully built world, and she seems to have thought of everything - or is quick enough on her toes to convince you of that. Every character, including the gods, feels real and alive, a being with motivations and whims rather than a chess piece to be maneuvered through the plot. Temmin's conflict with his loving, but stern and domineering father is believable and relatable despite its extraordinary circumstances. A disclaimer though - there is sex inside. Some of it is non-consensual. If that squicks you out, this book might not be for you. That said, there's explicit, wonderful, hot sex inside. There's no Ikea furniture assembly instruction sex here, only passion and desire fit to words.