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David Berger, born in Boston and having grown up on Long Island, NY, has been a teacher since 1993, currently teaching 12th grade AP English Literature and International Baccalaureate English as well as college courses at St. Leo University. A love of mythology of all types from an early age eventually sparked an interest in comic books and, ultimately, to the fantasy genre. Task Force: Gaea began as a short story 25 years ago and evolved into its current incarnation with dedication and a desire to write the story he wanted to tell. He lives with his partner in Tampa Bay and is currently working on a sequel to Task Force: Gaea, Memory's Curse, a Lovecraftian tale of elder gods, Olympeian gods, and mortals.

Smashwords Interview

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
The first story I actually remember writing was one about the Smurfs back when I was a teenager. My sister was an avid fan of those little blue creatures, so she and I would construct stories about them. I don't think they were my finest work, but they provided us with endless hours of creativity and story building. Other than that, I have a vague recollection of stories about the adventures of Greek gods, especially Apollo. He and his sister Artemis were two of my favorite Olympians, and I know I must have written more stories about them over the years.
What is your writing process?
The process largely depends on what I am writing. If I am working on a short story, I try to develop characters first and then let them tell ME what they want their story to be about. Interpersonal relationships (siblings, friends, lovers, etc.) all have different levels of tension and understanding, so when I want to write something longer, I tend to block out events that I see happening between characters. For my first novel, I had adapted a short story I had written in high school, but for my sequel, I used the block technique, and it worked quite well in establishing chunks of action in between other scenes. I also try to overcome writer's block by just writing whatever comes into my head related to the topic. Or, I write a letter to one of my characters. That tends to unstop the blockage.
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