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The Guardian's Keeper series came about when I was driving home from a family member's house one night. It's a lengthy drive, more than two hours, and I repeatedly had to pull over to throw on the interior light and jot down ideas in a mini notebook I carried in my purse. Claire, Nikoli and their story were born that night- but spent almost two years tucked away in a draw. I couldn't ignore my idea. I kept picking at the story in my mind- time and time again I'd come back to their saga and I wanted to put it out there for anyone who might enjoy it.

I enjoy anything paranormal, horror, and urban fantasy, both YA and adult. Some of my current favorite authors include Jonathan Maberry, David Moody, and David Wellington. On TV I enjoy The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Asylum, and various sitcoms.

I live in rural New England with my husband and our kids, along with our multiple cats and dogs. By trade I am a Radiolgic Techonologist, but as I've been home full time for some years now I finally had the opportunity to take the story I couldn't ignore in my head and share it publically.

Please feel free to visit my website trraven.webs.com for more information and sneak peaks at upcoming work. You can also reach me at TRRaven@hotmail.com or on Facebook.

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