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Smashwords book reviews by Regina Greene

  • 10 Minutes on June 20, 2013

    The blurb gave a little too much away, but the story was so well written that the culmination was still very satisfying. Well done. I enjoyed it.
  • Abomination on July 15, 2013

    I found this a fascinating take on a usually tired subject. Very thought provoking. I found it well written and enjoyed the read.
  • About a Friend on July 15, 2013

    This story was endearing, touching and profound. It's the sort of story that takes up residence in your heart and lives within you from now on. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing
  • The Baby on July 20, 2013

    I really liked this. It was kind of chilling, but compelling. VERY well written. Stories should stir your emotions and this certainly did. Thank you Karen for sharing this story.
  • Baby Muran on July 20, 2013

    Story is well enough written, but feels like a small chapter in a much bigger story. There are 2 more short pieces based on the same group of characters, but it feels incomplete. However, it felt like a good ole rollicking adventure party story and was enjoyable.
  • Kafka's Heater on Aug. 02, 2013

    Quirky little story.
  • The PA on Aug. 06, 2013

    Very short and to the point. Thought provoking. Quirky. Gets you thinking.
  • Rabbi Soul on Aug. 13, 2013

    Found this book listed in the Fantasy category, which it really isn't, however my discovery was fortuitous. After a bit of a slow start, I found myself totally caught up in the search for the soul of 'Rabbi' Goodman. The sort of story that takes up residence inside you and will remain...always.
  • The Statue on Oct. 30, 2013

    The sequel to Baby Muran. As before this story feels like a little snippet of something larger. It is a direct sequel to Baby Muran, but even that felt like we picked up a novel at chapter 15, and this likewise feels like there is missing material on both ends. I genuinely like these characters and am a bit frustrated that we see them as if illuminated by a single strobe flash.
  • Sans Boat on Oct. 30, 2013

    Alright now...the first two stories (Baby Muran and The Statue) had an incomplete unfinished feel to them, but this is extreme. It is an unfinished thought. I'm not sure what the point was in presenting this one in such a cut off, unfinished manner. There wasn't even time to begin to form an opinion. I would actually like to see more of these characters, but...
  • The Sable City on Oct. 30, 2013

    Loved it! Combines the elements I most love from both David Eddings and George R R Martin. This author creates a living breathing world, the characters are real people that you miss, when they are not around, the wit and humor make reading it pure joy, and it is not completely predictable. You will be shocked and surprised on more than one occasion. Well done, I'm glad there is more to read by this author. I will will be visiting his material often.
  • Kadaverdisciplin on Nov. 16, 2013

    Well written, gripping. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • In Time for Christmas on Dec. 07, 2013

    Sweet little Sci Fi Christmas story. Found it thoroughly enjoyable. Still smiling... :)