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So, my name's above and all that lacks is a brief introduction. Here goes:

*I love:
-reading everything
-playacting (when alone)
-talking to myself
*I can sing and change voices but I can't dance or play instruments.
*I'm quite proud when I accomplish something that for me is a milestone. I was beaming for a whole month when I found out this author who asked us to review his book had put up my review in Amazon.
*I am very proud of my country, the Philippines, even if it has its flaws. Everyone has their own flaw.
*I am quite shy but really crazy inside. I'm always filled with bundled energy. Also, you wouldn't suspect it but I have a very sharp tongue.
*I am very protective of those I love. Even things I love.

For now, this is all I've got to say. Thanks for viewing my profile!

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Smashwords book reviews by Lyra Zapanta

  • Reign of Blood on Aug. 04, 2012

    Reign of Blood takes place wherein the human race has gone extinct, due to the vampire virus that spread out. Ferals run loose during the nights on the once bright streets of Las Vegas and occupy the dark bowels of casinos and other buildings. Litter dead bodies are scattered everywhere, the last remnants of a once beautiful city. The book tells the story of April Tate, a young teenager who has grown to be a warrior for her and her family's survival. During the day, they would search around supermarkets and stores to see what they could use. they live in a fortified place in the mountains to be kept away from ferals during the night. Until her mother and brother, the only family she's got, have been abducted. April is matured and strong. I admire her strength for all times and her determination to do what she thinks is right and what she fights for. She doesn't let her hopes down, no matter how slim the chances seem to be. The post-apocalyptic world they have survived has changed her, but it doesn't make her insane. Instead, she fights to protect what she has left, and I like her for that. She doesn't let anything intimidate her, and she's the kind of girl who will kick your butt if you break her heart. The other characters are also admirable (but a step down the main character). They don't always seem to be who they are, until they spill their beans out. Rye, who was April's love interest, was sort of a mystery to me at first. Sure, he's good-looking and all, but the characters in novels always hold some secrets of their own. The plot was incredible. Sometimes, you'd be grossed out because of the detailed scenes, but it makes the novel much graphical than other books. It's just like watching a movie unfold in your mind. This one's a great book and I recommend it to all YA paranormal readers. Thanks to Goodreads and the author for providing us reviewers a fun and thrilling ride yet again.