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Focusing on rapid performance improvement, Pad has been coaching company directors, business executives, musicians, artists, parents and children since 1991.

A speaker and Master Practitioner of NLP, Pad has conducted training workshops, speaking engagements and coaching sessions around the UK, in Germany, Greece and the Far East.

His unique approach to performance improvement involves, firstly, a series of questions and profiling tools - which highlight the specific areas that need to be addressed and the underlying beliefs that drive current behaviours - and secondly, specific interventions, exercises and activities that demolish hinderances and unleash the individual's potential.

He has appeared on ITV, BBC World Service, and Radio5 Live and has been quoted in The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph.

Pad himself has a business coach …as you’d expect. :-)

What others have said about the man...

“Pad is an inspiring mentor, consultant and trainer with extraordinary communication and people skills. He knows exactly how to challenge people and how to help in developing your personality further." M.L. Munich

“These [live] sessions have been the most powerful few hours I’ve experienced in… well, years!” H.S. Corporate Executive. London

“His knowledge of how people work, coupled with his fantastic communication skills, make him a brilliant motivator.” R.L. Art Director. London

“The sessions are insightful and fun and above all focus on learning and improving through practice. Pad has helped me immensely with audience engagement, energy, stance and preparation and has taught me how to structure and prepare to run my own client workshops. Overall he has transformed the way I approach presentations and I am looking forward to continuing to improve as a speaker under Pad’s guidance.” Claire Bending. Senior Consultant. London

"Pad is an excellent mentor... His organisational skills complemented by his unparalleled people skills make working with him a joy. He has a great personality which inspires you to do your best.” H.R. Online Marketer, London.

“Pad is an extremely talented and passionate man in equal measure. He has an obsessive attitude to work that allows him to do things others can't.” S.H. Digital Team Leader. London

“Very approachable… a very high attention to detail… he understands issues and is able to provide fit for purpose solutions.” T.D. Corporate Manager, RBS. London

“He motivates, informs and supports …and keeps smiling. What more could you ask for?” F.K. Copywriter. Portsmouth

"I couldn’t have wished for a better mentor. His communication skills are second to none and I've rarely ever seen someone energetic like him." H.R. Social Media Executive. India.

"His in-house training sessions, such as speaker training which really helped me improve my presentation skills... He is a great person... always supportive, and constructive in his criticism." F.H. Marketing Executive. London.

“Pad was one of the most intelligent and personable people I have had the pleasure of working with. His people management skills and ability to challenge and understand others was something I particularly warmed to. No question was too big or too small for him and he always made time to help and assist those who required it." A.W. Account Manager. London.

"Thanks to Pad's Speaker Training sessions, I learned that speaking is not only using your voice but your entire body. His advice about how to stand and where to look were so helpful to become much more confident when speaking in public."
A. Parmentier. Marketing Executive. Paris

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Introducing Team Me
Team Me provides a way of thinking that can enable anybody to get into their most effective state; to break through previously limiting perspectives, and release their fullest potential in literally any situation. Based on Jung's Archetypes, this approach shows how the unconscious 'characters' we often play in life act as a complete team inside of us and how each one can be brought into play when most needed - in both personal and professional spheres.

Team Me: Session 2 - Introducing Archetypes
This session introduces the idea of archetypes and brings a focus onto 6 key archetypes that we'll be using as we go forward. Visit for more materials, downloads, worksheets and videos as well as excerpts from the new book TEAM ME.

Team Me: Session 3 - Complimentary Archetypes
Having established 6 key archetypes, this session explores some of the dynamics that exist between them - especially with each one's complimentary opposite.


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