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During the day I am an accountant, by night and on the weekends, I am a book whore for The Boyfriend Bookmark. I love to read almost everything. Some books take me to the extreme of what I am willing to read, but I have discovered some of my favorite authors by pushing the edge every now and then!

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  • Blood Slave on March 03, 2013

    So this review is hard for me to write. Not because I am disappointed in this book but because there is not another book to follow it with that will do my admiration for these books justice. Have I mentioned that I am a very impatient person? I am mostly upset because I have to wait for another book by Travis Luekde. Fact of the matter is that I absolutely loved this book. This book can act as a stand-alone in the series by Travis Luedke. But it does make me long for another. Let me just start by saying, new characters, new situations and new passion, I was blown away yet again. Hope (Esperanza de Salvador) comes to America to create a new life for herself but found herself as a prostitute working for the cartel deep in the heart of New York. Working to pay off debts well past paid, Hope is a girl with dreams. Hope is a girl of great strength and powers. Hope’s greatest strength has always been her special abilities to be a great “lie detector.” But her one obstacle soon becomes the one person she can’t read, Enrique. But along with that obstacle she finds that she needs him so much more than she can possibly wish for. In the process she fall in love with the one person she needs to keep her alive. This book was a tangled web of mixed emotions all riding on that need for the bite. And once again, Travis Luedke takes his characters to amazing places of ecstasy and love and entrances the reader into a dangerous world lurking in the darkness of night. Just when you think everything is going to end up precisely the way it should, everything changes. I loved Hope in this book, not only because of what she was working so hard to overcome, but what she was looking forward to…a future. And Enrique…oh my… another new vampire for me to love! Travis Luedke writes amazing characters and amazing stories and unbelievable passion flawlessly. After reading this book I was left in shock. I did something I wasn’t sure was possible when I started on this adventure. I read three vampire books and I loved them. Yes, I loved them. Travis Luedke has changed my opinion of vampires and the mysterious books they live in. Do I think I will jump directly into another? If Travis Luedke writes it, I will do it without hesitation. If by someone else, I cannot be so certain. I have a need for vampires now and feel as addicted as a Blood Slave. When do I get to read The Nightlife Paris?
  • Rock Star Wedding on March 21, 2013

    This short story was good. Although with most short stories of this length, I needed more. This as with many others of the same length has so much potential to be a really great novel. With more character development and a little more angst, this would be an amazing novel. But I did like it all the same.