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I am a part-time author, inventor, brothersitter, and doodler. When I'm not doing any of that, I create game programs from scratch. Either that, or I'm being a techie in some way, shape, or form.

Here is a list of books in the making as of 11-10-15:

Katelyn Suker (pronounced "Sue-kur") is just another tweenage girl, at least until you take a peek into her job. That's right, you heard me, JOB. It's not a very easy job... honestly, it's pretty life-threatening. In a nutshell, its hard saving the worlds with your pal Amy. Oh, and, did I mention that Amy is the human embodiment of Katelyn's necklace?

Blasted From The Past:
Marian is the first female to join the armed part of the armed forces, not that anyone else knows that. She does a remarkable job hiding her gender, such a good job, in fact, that she is on a mission to measure the devastation of a nuclear bomb in the oceans. There is one hitch; she could not make it back to the safeboats in time. She jumps overboard from the bomb ship, but is carried by the shockwave...
into the mid-21st century. Will she, pardon, can she get back home to her time?

The War of Gepsasy:
Elda had a strange dream one morning, and it turned out to be the most normal thing that month! Run-ins with flying lions, a strangely colored world, and her best friend, Eri, and she have to save it! As Elda puts it, "Awesomest day ever!"

'Tweens of Ages:
Rina was your average 100-year-old mermaid. She was celebrating her rise to adolescence when, in the middle of the party, what happens? Her hair, long from years of constant care, begins glowing a neon green color. She is shunned by some, and heads to the surface of the lake, Lake Huiaar'wa (Who-ya-are-wha) to the Landwalkers. Contemplating her existence, Rina sees a young Landwalker, only 14 or so, crying on the shores, with glowing neon blue hair. Now these two have to save their lands from destruction at the hands-er, flippers-of a mysterious race led by one who goes only by "Queen Seena." Can these Tweeners save their worlds? Can they find friendship along the way? Most importantly, can they find out what secrets their families have kept?

The World Stopped Spinning:
Her name was Sandra Livingston. She lived in the near future from today. Once upon a time, the world kept spinning round and round, but no more. Now, under the rule of one known only as "The Leader," humanity is split between the East Strip and the West Strip. What happens when Sandra begins questioning why she has to destroy buildings (her job) with people still inside? What happens when she meets a grizzled man, old enough to be her dad, who leads a life of danger and freedom? What about when she has to keep her three children safe from the perils that come with becoming a freedom fighter?

And many, many more!

Smashwords Interview

What are your five favorite book series, and why? that seriously a question? [Oh, it is? I thought they were kidding. Drat.] I guess Harry Potter, Amanda Ackers, The Seems, The Unicorn Chronicles, [STOP LAUGHING IT'S NOT GIRLY AT ALL!!!] and the Morcyth Saga.
What do you read for pleasure?
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