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The only things I write for other people (so far) are technical material and opinion/advice pieces, so I doubt you'll ever find any of it here on Smashwords. While I've created a great deal of collaborative fiction for fun (aka RPGs), and written many words in the service of those RPGs, that stuff wouldn't make any sense to anyone outside of those games. They absorb much of my creative energy.

Otherwise, I read voraciously, listen to music, design and stitch counted-thread needlework, and futz around on the Internet and on PCs. I make music on occasion (singing, occasionally playing the piano when no one else is around).

At work, I do support, QA and technical writing.

I'm in a fairly introspective period of my life, so you'll find little on my blog other than the occasional book review. I was much more outspoken at one time, but I had more energy for it at the time. Feel free to leave a (civilized) comment on any post on my blog, though, if you should care to reach me for some reason. I'll be happy to reply via the comments or email, as long as you leave a valid email address.

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