Teresa Edgerton


Teresa Edgerton is convinced that she began telling stories as soon as she learned to talk.

As a child she was a voracious reader. However, her love affair with fantasy began at the age of sixteen, when she first discovered the works of J. R. R Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Reading The Lord of the Rings was a profound experience from which she has never quite recovered.

Over the years, she has worked at the usual number of mundane jobs: library page, telephone operator, receptionist, and sales associate. She has also made puppets and worked as a professional fortune-teller, which were much more fun, though her true vocation has always been writing.

The author of eleven books, as well as numerous short stories, reviews, and articles on writing, she has finally fulfilled another life-long ambition: to be an eccentric old lady in an equally eccentric old house hidden by rose bushes and crammed full of books. The cats, however, are borrowed.

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