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Hello, I am Teresa Wilkinson. My gift is a big heart and an ability to identify and empathize with others. My curse is my gift. I feel things deeply. My careers full charge bookkeeper, transportation analyst, ISP Clerk, entrepreneur of an Over-dimensional Permit Company offering pilot cars, route surveys and jurisdictional permits.

My Personal Achievements: I am a classically trained violinist and I was the only girl on my High School Golf team. I was also a cross country runner that never placed in a single meet, but I always participated and finished my races. I provided elder care for my Grandmother during my 18th thru my 21st year. I took 22-24 off for just being a young woman and lived on a cattle ranch in Northern Kern County,California. At 25 I married and had my two children Tyler and Kayla.

During their adolescent years I again did elder care this time for my parents. My marriage and my health deteriorated during this period. I divorced and successfully co-parented my children with my ex-husband. My health has been a bigger hurdle fighting Chronic Depression and Fibromyalgia is not an easy battle

I have remarried and am very happy with my husband Don.
The only things I am really certain about is;

Life Will Always Change.
I Have Still So Much To Learn.

I currently live with my husband in our 18 wheeler with our dog Mia.
My journey led to writing. I have been writing since I was a very young girl, but with the quickness of life I forgot how therapeutic the joy of writing was to me.
I have several types of writing that I do; blog, short story fiction, fiction novel, editorial and erotic fiction. I love all of these genres. I hope you will sit back and participate in my blog and community. I invite you to read my short stories and recent release of my first e-book“The Phillamanteca: The Story of Jane”
Thank you for stopping by. Please Enjoy.

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