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Terrance Lee is an entrepreneur, author, blogger, father, partner and creator of www.junebugchronicles.com. Junebug Chronicles is home for "The Journey to Wealth" a blog filled with tips and ideas on how to make money on the internet, saving money and taking the creative journey towards wealth. As a family man who has struggled to make ends meet, he created Junebug Chronicles to share his knowledge and wisdom on how he overcame those struggles.

Why is it called Junebug Chronicles? because it was inspired by his 2 year old son, Terrance Jr also known as "JUNEBUG". Terrance Senior and Terrance Junior have that special bond between father and son, they love each other dearly.

After Junebug was born, Terrance knew it was time to start making more money and saving more money in order to build a better life for his family. Terrance is an expert in saving money. He can't stress saving money enough! He talks a lot about saving because he has taken saving money to the next level.

Saving money is a topic of conversation Terrance carries with his partner, his friends and his family. With his method, Terrance managed to save over $14,000 in 9 months during a time he had a low income full time job. With this accomplishment, Terrance knew he was onto something great.

Terrance calls his technique "The Lee Technique". He explains his technique step by step in his book called "Saving Money For Couples", following the steps in this book is guaranteed to get you saving money.

His other books include "Transform To Greatness" and "Defeat Shyness" which in his opinion play a huge part in achieving success.

Terrance has had a long journey to get to where he is today, his path has been stitched together by experience, advice, friends, family and real life situations. Terrance does not take anything for granted, what he has earned and what he has learned, he shares with his community. Terrance takes saving money very seriously because he knows that being able to save money, being able to access money and being able to provide for your family is freedom.

With no guarantee of a healthy and young retirement in our working system, Terrance has a goal to retire young enough and healthy enough to enjoy his wealth. He also encourages everyone to do the same, why wait until you are in your 60's or even 70's to retire when you are too old or too sick to enjoy your savings. His goal and his mantra is save now, save a lot and enjoy it while you can

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