Russell Redden


I have studied Bible prophecy for over 30 years, and have written four books. My desire is to dig deep into the Word of God and find the truth, above all opinions, including my own. I constantly recheck any belief I have on the clear teaching of the Word of God.
When you read my works, you must appreciate the connections being made between Bible passages. Everything in the New Testament has a Jewish context. The New Testament can add revelation to Old Testament passages, but it must nevertheless be interpreted according to the original context of the Law and Prophets.
These connections perfectly describe current events in the Middle East.
The Bible teaches the "Little Horn" will only subdue three kingdoms. He will rule an empire in the Middle East, which will include Judea and East Jerusalem, areas now in dispute.
Except for a few passages that describe a global catastrophe, the majority of these prophecies primarily focus on Israel, and the Middle East. My conclusions are futuristic, as literal as possible, yet many times unique.

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