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How did I come to write a book entitled Wish and Make It Happen? Me, of all people. In actual fact, I have very little time for the esoteric. I tend to ignore the daily horoscopes (experience has shown me that the prophecies and advice they offer are very often written by bored journalists as they see fit, and then put into print), I only consult the weekly horoscope out of pure curiosity, and I only hug the trees in the woods if I happen to trip over. I am a complete pragmatist. Yet my eyes are not closed to things that clearly exist, but cannot be so easily explained.

First of all, writing is my job. I currently work in communications for a vehicle bodywork firm in Switzerland. Prior to this, I worked as a journalist for newspapers, a regional TV station and a car magazine.
Many years ago, whilst working as a journalist, I attended a seminar on the subject of auto-suggestion. I found the seminar leader pleasantly down-to-earth, and in no way sectarian, and so I decided to have an open mind on the subject. Years later, I happened to chance upon a book entitled How to Solve All Your Money Problems Forever, by the American professional poker player, Victor Boc. Yes, I know what you’re thinking and, to a certain extent, you’d be right. Although the book is written in a rather sensationalist manner, its content does make sense – and is not only useful in money matters. Anyone smart enough to realise that they cannot expect anything amazing to happen in their life without putting in some effort can benefit from this book. I can only recommend it.

I therefore began experimenting with auto-suggestion and mental training, enjoying success every time I took it seriously. Here’s an example: I play the drums, but without the help of mental training, my laziness when it came to practising would probably never have allowed me to become good enough to join a band.

However, this still doesn’t explain why I myself came to be the author of a self-help guide. The reason is this: there is a great deal of esoteric nonsense on the market in this genre. Many of these so-called guides promise the earth to those seeking help, but when the promised changes (often involving money appearing from out of the blue) fail to materialise, their readers simply fall into a deeper sense of despair.

As a result, I decided to write my own self-help guide, but without the esoteric flannel. Although my findings and experiences are also based on the world of suggestion, their success can at least be demonstrated empirically. After all, studies have already proven the effectiveness of what is known as the placebo effect.

In my book, I also regularly point out that the most important component for success is your own determination to achieve your goals. At best, suggestion techniques work as a catalyst.
In Wish and Make It Happen, therefore, I do not promise anyone the earth, but I am certain that anybody who understands its principles will benefit from my book and turn their life around by following its advice. You won’t need any miracles or other specialist knowledge. First and foremost, it needs you, along with a healthy dose of common sense, concrete goals and your determination to also DO something in order to achieve your goals.

I wish you all the best and every success!
Christoph Schmutz, Bern (Switzerland)

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