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T.F. Torrey has worked as a computer programmer, paratrooper, bouncer, bartender, car wash attendant, taxi driver, used car salesman, hotelier, security guard, computer guru, census taker, and poker tournament director, and has started and shut down two corporations. All of that was much more fun than it sounds.

T.F. Torrey has always loved good books and free software, and he now operates his growing publishing empire exclusively with free software. He supports the Free Software Foundation (www.fsf.org), and he thinks you should, too.

T.F. Torrey likes to add funny parts to his bio listings, but too many of them are about farting. His favorite poem is "Company Rhyme", available in Anomalies on his website. It's very funny, and you should read it.

T.F. Torrey lives in Arizona with his beautiful wife, lovely daughter, and layabout cats. His work can be found online at tftorrey.com.

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