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Smashwords book reviews by tgtuc

  • The Fey on April 13, 2011

    The book is amazing and the characters are wonderful. I want to read at least 3 prequels fleshing out the background memories that are scattered throughout the book. Right now I guess I'll have to settle for the sequels but hopefully Claudia will also write about her characters' earlier lives.
  • The Warlord's Secret on April 23, 2011

    Interesting storyline although the female lead is annoyingly and stubbornly dense st times.
  • Learning to Stand on May 09, 2011

    Excellent! Once again the characters are interesting and the plot keeps twisting and turning and you never know exactly what is going to happen next. It is very hard to stop reading once you start.
  • Who I Am on May 09, 2011

    This answers so many questions but not all. I read this and Learning to Stand over the weekend and I'm ready for more. There is so much going on in all these Fey books that I'm looking forward to reading them again in 6 months or so to pick many of the details I'm sure I missed the first time.
  • The Mating: The Original Law of the Lycans Story on May 13, 2011

    Very nice. Nicely developed characters and plot, Elise seems a bit naive and a little too nice but she is pretty young so that makes sense.
  • The Keeping on May 13, 2011

    Even better than The Mating. Characters and plot very well written.
  • Damian's Oracle on May 13, 2011

    A little rough but definitely readable. Could use a little more depth but should be a very good series.
  • Damian's Assassin on May 13, 2011

    Enjoyable read. Nice continuation of plot from Damian's Oracle. Looking forward to more.
  • Celia's Puppies on June 18, 2011

    Very sweet! The people seem so real. I like the crossover of characters from The Fey series. Reading this made me smile.
  • The Denver Cereal on June 18, 2011

    Excellent! The characters are even richer than in The Fey series.
  • Cascade on June 18, 2011

    It was fixed when I bought it. I liked this one and am impatiently awaiting the next one. I even read a few of the next chapters from the Denver Cereal website. This one was much more serious and bad things kept happening to wonderful people so although I liked it I didn't enjoy reading nearly as much as the previous two.