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  • Storm Dancer (Dark Epic Fantasy) on Oct. 19, 2011

    Gripping and Intelligent “Storm Dancer” is a compelling, gripping read that will keep you interested from the very first page to the very last. I appreciated the amount of creativity and work that went into creating such a rich, detailed fantasy world that bears a strong oriental flavor, the mesmerizing eroticism and implied danger that come with it. This story has all the necessary ingredients to make this a tale that will satisfy a broad readership: a fast-paced adventure carried by life-like characters that have obstacles to overcome not only in their journey, but also in their hearts. Dahoud, the main male character thinks that he is possessed by a djinn, and he blames the atrocities he had committed in the past on this possession. He has to overcome this in order to become the loving, tender man he wants to become for the woman he loves. Merida- the character that can summon rain with her magic dance- and the one who inspires the title of this novel, has to let go of all propriety and inhibitions that her upbringing instilled in her. They have very different paths that intersect several times before joining forces for a common purpose- that of bringing peace and freedom to the people of Koskara. The romantic thread between Dahoud and Merida softens the political, treason, war and intrigue threads in the novel. Intelligent writing from this writer and a very satisfying, captivating story, “Storm Dancer” kept me interested from the beginning to the very end. I wholeheartedly recommend it.