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Mary Elizabeth is a retired designer and author living in upstate New York. In a collaborative effort with her husband of 39 years, Dave offers great insight into her designs. Hence, the birth of M. E. Davd. Together, they create colorful images through computer graphics and manipulation. As an added bonus to their SmugMug site, M. E. David is working on a visual eBook called, THE SECRET SNOW GLOBE. A fictional mystery set in 19th Century Austria, M. E. David reaches the reader’s imagination with stunning visuals. These images will be available for downloading, paper prints, and more in the near future. Watch The Secret Snow Globe gallery closley...images will appear and disappear at random. The ebook will be available within the coming year

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"We dare not look back for it robs us of our future, yet we dare not look forward because it robs us of our past. But if we look to God and find each other, then our future is the past." - M. E. David

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