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Hi, I’m Andre. I am a 30 year old guy from Atlanta, Georgia who makes a living online. Basically, I specialize in consulting, which allows me to provide advice and wisdom to people from all walks of life. Life is good, and I am excited to be blessed with all of the opportunities that have been placed before me. I am even more ecstatic to share every detail with you today.

Now, I am just your average guy with an unbelievable drive and a nice smile. I have not made millions and I do not own a yacht, nor do I live in a mansion yet. Though, I am saving for one! I can’t offer you the world, but what I can offer you is knowledge on how I am able to wake up each and every morning, kiss my kids, cook breakfast, walk into my comfortable home office, work peacefully at my own pace, and enjoy every single moment.

My Side of the Story

I started off in college with ideas and witty inventions but nothing worked. Now that I think of it, I must of have started 50 to 75 start-ups with a success ratio of 20%. I know bad numbers huh? Please know that I am not a failure by far but it took my failing time and time again to reach the level of success I have today.
Failing is not the best feeling to encounter, you feel hopeless and lost and not to mention fearful and clueless on how you’re going to make rent the next month or how you will pay your bills for the next cycle. Leave to me to tell you that sometimes pressure and low budget or better yet no budget at all is a breeding ground for a Brilliant Idea!

I also have a story of how I reach great financial heights to only be brought back to mediocre because of my bad habits. So I am a witness to tell you upfront that more money will not change your life but only AMPLIFY what you already are today. So, if you are a gambler please don’t think when you hit big with a great income that your gambling will cease. Trust me on this one… it will only AMPLIFY and your betting on the crap tables or on a game of black jack will rise from $5 per table and now you’re looking to sit at the $500 per table.
So I really want to share some cool tools and tips with you of how I made a complete 180 and reached my dreams and full life potential and also how I continue to find ways to apply my talents and gifts to make income and live out my life through my passions.

Hum…. What’s the CATCH?

Well, honestly there is no catch at all. I really love sharing my ideas and my successes and failures. I want to provide for others what others provided for me, a SHOT! Have you ever heard of the scripture when you are blessed been a blessing? Even though that scripture is not totally quoted accurately the idea behind my success is helping others reach their potential. I noticed when you work as a team you will indeed reach your dreams! I know, corny, but it’s so… True! My goal here on this site will be to provide you with tools and cool tips and tricks of how I managed to beat the odds and competition and make my mark through residual income, passive income, leverage income and 9 to 5 income. There is no SECRET to what I am about to share with you I just have several testimonies to provide so that you do not have to wonder if it will work or not.

My Basic Disclosure “PLEASE READ”

I am not a marketing expert, I do what I do well and I am very transparent in my techniques. You will not “Get Rich Quick,” I repeat you will not “Get Rich Quick,” by applying any method or technique I will show you. Actually you may encounter some of the most challenging work that you have ever faced but it will pay off.
All of the techniques and methods you will see here on my site/blog can be discovered in several different places online as well as from other individuals. What I do have that is unique is my honesty and of course my transparency to relate to you how I reach my goals and best of its entire all FREE!

So to wrap up this story, I work hard to have what I have and to do what I do but I do not take advantage of people nor do I paint false pictures. You will never have to buy anything from me to succeed nor will you have to subscribe to anything or resource that I share with you to be successful. Once again as I mentioned before I am not a marketing guru just a normal everyday guy with a drive and passion to do well in life.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my story and I hope you share your success and failures with someone else as well. I look forward to seeing you soon on the site.

God Speeds!


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