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I love to read and like to review almost as much as reading the books! I am a fan of dogs and horses and love Hersheys chocolate bars, without Almonds. Doritos are a must have when reading!

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  • Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot on Jan. 28, 2012

    I have just finished Molly Gumnut rescues a Bandicoot. I loved it. It's the story of a young girls struggles after rescuing an injured baby bandicoot. The author captured the emotions of a girl struggling to stand up for her beliefs. She gets in and out of trouble trying to protect this adorable animal. avery funny, delightful read for any age!
  • Between The Land And The Sea on Feb. 05, 2012

    Follow marina as she discovers the meaning of friendship, family and first love. With vivid descriptions and attention to detail, I felt a connection to human and mythical charcters alike. I look forward to more in this series. A must read.
  • Love's Labours Won on Feb. 16, 2012

    The want ad said "Companion Wanted". After many dead end jobs Sarah Dexler decided to apply. While waiting for her interview to conclude she is whisked away by the mysterious Demetrious. Sarah discovers she has a long lost grandfather and a family history of hidden abilities. This fast paced book with entertaining plot twists and great characters is a good read. I would like to read more about Sarah.
  • Five on Feb. 18, 2012

    Upon reading this I was very surprised to discover this was a debut. By paying attention to specific elements of the story and developing genuine characters, Christie Rich has given us a must read. I am pleased to know this is a series and I will read them with great enjoyment.
  • Howl (Kane Wolves, 1) on Feb. 26, 2012

    Imagine my delight when I found out that I had won this book. I've been wanting to read it and now that I have, i urge you to do so. I sat down last night and started reading. At first it was a bit slow, but then I glanced up at the clock and four hours had flashed by and I was finished. Howl is about Sophie and her family of werewolves, trying to live as a pack and remain undiscovered. Glimpsed by a hiker in her wolf form, Sophie later meets him again in her human form. A mutual attraction grows, but since it is forbidden to be with human mates, Sophie secretly starts dating Jaime. The pack has troubles of their own when people are being viviously attacked and sitings of an unusually large wolf are reported. I really want to tell you more, but I don't want to spoil it for you. Annalise Grey gives you just enough detail, with flowing dialogue and well developed characters that you feel connected to. Upon reaching the end of the story, I was left wanting more and I will be watching for another book, hopefully several. If you are looking for a "howling" good read, this is it. What are you waiting for?!
  • Shades of Grey on March 30, 2012

    Michael Cargill, with Shades of Grey, gives you three very different tales. What you get are well written, engrossing tales that deal with torture, the horrors of the battlefield, and physical abuse, which draw out a subjective response. Be prepared for some dark, thought provoking reading as this book is not your typical collection of scary stories.
  • Angel Evolution on April 03, 2012

    In Angel Evolution, the author introduces you to a new breed of angel, one not created in heaven. While I usually prefer angels over demons, in this book I was more drawn to the demons and the angels were not always nice. Best friends Taylor and Sam are beginning their first year of college, busy making friends and starting romantic relationships. What they don't know is that their boyfriends are not human and they have a hidden agenda. Taylor discovers that she is special. Her inner light, or aura, is very powerful and the angels want to use it to vanquish the demons. The characters are unique in that I found myself liking the bad guy more than the so-called good guy. I loved the spin on how the angels came to be and the overall story had me quickly turning the pages, anxious to read what would happen next. Thoughtfully written and fast paced, Angel Evolution is a very engaging read. I will be reading the next two books in the series. Grab your copy and join the evolution.
  • Lure on April 08, 2012

    About the story: Sam becomes the target of ridicule when she reports seeing a ghost. After being fired from her job in law enforcement, she starts up a paranormal investigation agency with her feisty sidekick Shells. A job offer about mysterious lights takes them on the road to Lake Lure in North Carolina. My thoughts: Sam and Shell's escapades often land them in trouble and their bumbling attempts at investigating had me laughing out loud. Both of these ladies are strong willed and sassy and I enjoyed their banter. While Shells got on my nerves a bit, I thought that maybe that was the authors intent. It made the characters more genuine. As for the investigation in Lake Lure, You'll just have to read the book! Thank you Brian. I would love to read more about these two friends.
  • Gathering Clouds... on May 23, 2012

    I remember reading science fiction when I was a teenager and falling in love it. I couldn't get enough. James Field writes science fiction the way it is supposed to be written. The pages are filled with technological wonders and fantastical alien life forms. I was snagged, hook, line and sinker by the first sentence. "Within the next few seconds Trevor will either experience a titanic swell of satisfaction - or die a gruesome death." Did it hook you? On to the story. The cloud machine may look like a giant egg but it is a technological marvel. Want to go deep underwater, it will take you. Feeling like a little trip into outerspace, climb aboard. Trevors space craft is virtually indestructable and can go anywhere. Trevor Cloud, the more serious of the brothers, is a physics genius with an amazing idea. Build a travel machine and explore outerspace. Russell, the younger sibling, is a martial arts master and rabble rouser with special meditative abilities and visions. These visions will be needed if they are to survive what is coming. While traveling in space they discover that it is crowded with aliens and not all of them are friendly. One, in particular, wants our resources. Add together aliens, the end of the world, heroes and a couple of bumbling thugs, stir vigorously and you have all the ingredients for a great science fiction adventure. This author sure can cook.
  • Legend Unleashed on Jan. 22, 2013

    Pretty cover isn’t it? Wait until you read the story! Tick Tock, Tick Tock. That’s all that Ted hears as he rushes through the deserted streets of Carwick, heading for the Town Hall, where his office is located. He must hurry. Carwick is a small, quiet town. The kind where people don’t lock their doors. It’s Ted’s job to keep it that way. He reaches the building and enters his tiny office. It’s more like a broom closet, but hidden in the floor is a stairway down. Down there. Down to a hidden city time has forgotten. Ted enters the underground city and rushes through the dark streets. Tick Tock, he must reach the old grandfather clock. He can’t let it wind down. He finally reaches the clock, but it’s stopped ticking. When he dares to opens its door, it’s empty.What was inside is now behind him, it’s hot breath moist on his neck. He couldn’t turn around. He doesn’t want to see what’s coming. In the unsuspecting town of Carwick, Christmas is coming. Temperance works with her father Pratchett, decorating their bookstore. The Haven is always the first shop to do it. Her father has gotten out the spider web decoration for Boris, a ghost spider. Temp thinks it’s a convenient story that he’s a ghost, as only her father can see him. They banter back and forth as they decorate, her father mentioning that his friend Cyprian has a nephew coming to stay with him. Alastair is right around Temp’s age, a not so subtle hint. “Anyway, I’ve put the mistletoe over the door in case he comes while you’re in the shop.” Pratchett wiggled his eyebrows at her. “Sometimes I wonder what age you really are,” Temperance sighed. Her parents are always meddling in her love life, or lack of it, and it adds humor to this story. It’s almost time for her classes at the university so Temp heads out. When she arrives the doors are still locked so she settles on a bench to wait. She’s soon joined by a tall, handsome man who introduces himself as Alastair. She quickly learns how he knows her. Her father’s been busy. He gave her picture to Cyprian to pass on to Alastair. She doesn’t want to know what might be written on it. The doors to the school open and out steps Cyprian followed by an older man with a walking stick. They seem to be arguing and when the older man bangs his stick on the ground, something strange and unnatural happens. But Alastair denies noticing anything. Soon after, the man leaves and Cyprian comes to join them. He invites Temp to dinner and an evening at his place. At first she’s tempted to refuse, but then she remembers it’s the night of winter solstice. Her parents were having friends over for a winter solstice gathering. She didn’t think she could face another of her mother’s versions of a Wiccan party. It would be crowded with menopausal women dancing naked around plastic cauldrons on the hill behind their house. She sighed. “It’s true. I wouldn’t mind missing jangling crystals and saggy bits this year.” She accepts the invitation, not knowing that life is about to take a dangerous turn. There are many strange things out and about in Carwick, some not human. After this night, people will huddle behind bolted doors in fear of the dark and what’s in it. When I started reading Legend Unleashed, I was so engaged, I only stopped reading because my kindle battery died. Got to remember to charge it more often. When I resumed reading, I was held captive to the end. It’s not a long book, and with the mystery, humor and romance, not to mention the creatures, it’s very engaging and easy to follow. If you like all of the above and reading about witchy, magical, and hairy things, you’ll enjoy Legend Unleashed. I sure did and can’t wait for more in this series.
  • Mr. Bear on Feb. 04, 2013

    A bear of a man walks in the bar….. Well, he does! Sorry, I couldn’t resist:) Midu leads you on a merry chase with Mr. Bear, literally. Things happen fast and you chuckle all the way. That often happens when you’re dealing with shifters. I was a little down this evening. Worrying about life, as usual. Now I’m smiling and feeling good. Mr. Bear will do that to ya. I read this in 10 minutes. That's all it took to make my day! 4 Hugs for Mr. Bear
  • Morning Warning on Aug. 05, 2013

    I’m not sure if this would be categorized as suspense, horror, or paranormal. I would say all three as it has some of each. Young Anthony drags himself out of bed and gets ready for school. It’s Friday and one week closer to the summer break. After the usual race to beat his older sister, Rachel, to the bathroom, which he lost, and the fight over the TV remote with his big brother, Alex, which he also lost, it’s time to meet the school bus. As usual, his sister and brother leave him at the door and he runs to catch up with them. As they wait for the bus, Anthony notices how quiet it is, how still it is. He looks back up the long driveway to his house and sees the heavy green clouds. They cover the sky, hanging low to the ground. Living in a tornado prone area, he’s so used to the tornado sirens going off all the time, he wonders if he should be worried by this calm. There are no sirens, but he becomes uneasy, then fearful. He really wants to go back to his house. The author’s description of the weather is dead on. I’ve been through a few tornadoes, and how he describes the greenish clouds and the sense of foreboding they cause, brought back some vivid memories. The family dynamics, with the older brother and sister teasing their little brother rings true. I am the youngest of six and was at my older siblings mercy. As the weather takes an ominous turn, the author creates a sense of apprehension, of fear. It builds just like the storm does. Morning Warning made me shiver. Though a short story, the writing is powerful, and the author gave me quite a surprise with the conclusion. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the ending was a twister!