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I'm Italian, which means I'm loud, opinionated, passionate, and …. Did I say loud? I like reading all paranormal, horror, and fantasy type books. I spend my free time reading, writing reviews on my blog or on Goodreads, and watching some of my favorite shows like: Supernatural, Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood or The Office. I read an average of 100 books a year, and still find time to be a wife and mother of three. Some of my favorite authors are: Heather Hildenbrand, love her!, Angeline Kace, Dannika Dark, Patricia Briggs, Samatha Young, Charlaine Harris, Rachael Wade, and Nicole Harris just to name a few. One day I would love to pursue a career that would allow me to read all the time. So for all you authors out there that need readers/reviews, send them my way.

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  • The Impostor, A Love Story on Jan. 05, 2013 Ok, how hard is it to write a review on a book that you both loved and hated? Really hard. I enjoyed this story immensely but I hated the main character Nicole. Ugh, she was so smack worthy to me. So I can deal with the helpless, always needing to be saved female characters but Nicole was the most naive, hard headed character ever for me. Tiffany is a great writer, her story The Impostor, is so well written. She has the ability to keep the reader engaged in the story with such mystery and suspense. I never knew what was coming, or where she was going to go with the story. So my two favorite things that got this it's 4 Star review, was the originality of the story and the actual story itself. Tiffany really brings to light what a young single mother will do for their child, even though their determination might make them partially blind. I have admiration for anyone who is willing to sacrifice everything to make the life for their child(ren) better. The second book, Obsession and Sacrifice, will be available soon. Enjoy.