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  • The Lambsridge Wolves on Dec. 04, 2012

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Let me just say it’s an interesting book. When I first received it, I thought it will be another one about wolves like all the others, but I was wrong. It’s full of surprises, well written and you can tell the author made researches about wolves. The story starts with Hazel Shepherd, a twelve years old girl who just moved back in Lambsridge and trying to fit in, like any other teenager. She goes to school in the city but the biggest concern for her is the bus journey, it’s a nightmare for every „Lamber” because of the townies. Things quickly take a turn of events as Hazel discovers that there is a sinister side of her village, a hidden secret that will test her limits and make her deal with a lot of problems. I liked the way Hazel behaved sometimes, she was very mature for her age and she didn't act like a little kid, as I was expecting. She faces her problems and she tries to manage them. The hole book surprised me. There was a lot of mystery and suspense in the story that kept me guessing everything and the climax itself is superb and adds a real new twist to a genre that was getting predictable. This is the debut novel of Chrissie Parker, it’s a fabulous book, a well written book, with characters that are brilliantly balanced. I recommend you read this, it’s brilliant and it deserves good readers. Thank you for this awesome story Chrissie!