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  • The Debt & the Doormat on Aug. 17, 2013

    I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. First of all let me tell I am an addict for Chik-Lit novels. The Debt & the Doormat was a fantastic book! It had me laughing the entire time. I couldn't believe it how funny the entire story was. The characters are brilliant build and it makes you want friends like that.My favorite characters are Poppy and Ryan. Laura Barnard really did an extraordinary job developing them. I think this is truly my favorite book! The story starts with Jasmine Green- Jazz who is an debt because of her shopping addiction. Poppy it’s trying to help her, but Jazz wont grow up and try thinking about the seriousness of this problem. To make things worst, the night Poppy did her bills to know how much Jazz have to pay, they got pretty drunk and did a lot of crazy things, even burned the letters outside in an container. They came with the craziest idea, to swap lives, and to live with the rules they establish. Practically, Jazz has to stay home and calm down, and Poppy has to get out more, get drunk and party, just live a little. Easy right? You will think so... Poppy moved in Jazz’s house, and that means this time she has room mates: Izzy the adorable girl and the new best friend, Ryan the annoying hut gay, and last, Grace the most beautiful girl, scarier and mostly a bitch. She has a full plate with these new room mates. First rule: go out and party with them, and she goes. Poppy has fun, until Ryan comes and push away the guy she was dancing with. She manages to get home, drunk and feeling really sick. Second rule: ditch work. She convinces her colleague from work and friend Lilly to play hockey from work that day. But the good girl was rising and she wanted to get back, because she was scared about her boss Victor finding out she wasn't really sick. Lilly ties her up so she can’t run and lives her like that in her house. After a few hours, Ryan finds her and she gets really pissed with him about his jokes and attitude, but Ryan finds a way to calm her down by making her something to eat and some tea. Poppy doesn't understand what is it with this guy, and he manages to get on her temper really fast. He is kind of a man whore, at least this is what she sees in him. After a couple of days, she manages to help Jazz with some troubles with pills, she gets to know better Izzy, but there is something happening to her. She still can’t talk or act normal around Ryan, they still fight over everything, and then she had the most strangest dream about him, and it was hot. Try acting normal now around him... Ryan keeps showing her he can be her friend, he even helps her recover a letter when she gets a call from Jazz that they have to go to the police station, because they started that fire the night they switched places. That’s when Ryan comes to the rescue, because surprise surprise, he is a lawyer, and a good one too. Poppy finally sees Ryan more that a man-whore, she sees a great man, a gentleman who is stunning and smart. And, she is kind of falling for him, even if Jazz warned her no to. The night that made Poppy saw the real Ryan, was the night they went out to have dinner and they accidentally run into Spencer, her ex, with his new girlfriend. That was the night Ryan pretended to be her boyfriend just to make Spencer shut up and see what he really missed by leaving her. That, and the next night she got home drunk and he took care of her. The problem is, now Ryan is seeing someone new, Tatiana, and he wants this relationship to work, he didn't even bring her home because Ryan was calling him a man whore and he wanted to prove to her that he was more. They are perfect for each other, but Poppy doesn't have the courage to admit it, and she tries to lie to herself that they are only friends. These is just a glimpse of the book. It’s full of action that will make you to keep reading. The lies Poppy has to tell in order to feel normal around her family, the ugly truths she finds out about some members of her family, it’s full of emotions that will make you love this book. I have nothing bad to say about this book, because to me it was perfect! Can’t wait to read more. I highly recommend this book to anyone! It’s impossible not to love it and it will leave you with a big smile on you’re face!